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Greetings All!

Yes, I know that this page is still hopelessly out of date, but all of the updates to this page are being made to pages behind this one. If you would like to see these, then please send us an email and we can point you at the bits which you want to see.

Have fun!

Tim, Bettina & Lilian (Dufton) xx

The last and latest few to bring us up to date!

5 pictures which were left over - assuming that you have realised that these links are in reverse chronological order.

Two hobbies: 2003

Our Greenfingeredness continues!
Timmy's new toy!

Some fun days: April & August 2003

Day out to Souter Lighthouse
The Otter Farm
Swiss National Day

Selina's Trip to visit us: April 2003

Bettina's Birthday
Trip to Durham

Various: End of 2002

Some pictures which do not fit into any particular grouping.

Our trip of a lifetime!!!: 22/11/02

New York on Concorde

Celebrations: September 2002

T's Birthday
Hotel Teufelhof

Our Garden: Summer 2002

The borders - the results of a bit of light weeding and a few packets of seeds
The Greenhouse plus some of the vegetable plot and pots on the patio
Views from above - and some closer ones of the vegetable patch

Beamish Museum: 26/06/02

A soggy but fun day at our local open air museum!

Our Honeymoon: 27/01/02 - 04/02/02
(NB. the time on the camera is still set to GMT)

The Honeymoon (Part 1 containing 13 pictures)
The Honeymoon (Part 2 containing 14 pictures)
One of our trips on Honeymoon (Containing 6 pictures)

Our Wedding Day: 26/01/02

All Saint's Church, Preston-on-Tees
Crathorne Hall - the Reception (Part 1 containing 19 pictures)
Crathorne Hall - the Reception (Part 2 containing 12 pictures)